Useful literature

Literature on nursing premature babies will help navigate parents when caring for their babies

Books about nursing premature babies

Diary of stay at NICU

This diary is designed to help parents better understand what is happening in NICU, provide information about basic medical procedures, equipment that surrounds their baby, record all the events and achievements of the baby and prepare for the family's return home with the baby. The structure of the diary will help easily find questions and answers for each stage of the NICU stay, tips on how to deal with common problems, and checklists that help monitor the baby's condition.

Preterm babies. A valuable guide for parents of preterm babies

In this book, you will find many practical things that are absolutely necessary when caring for a preterm baby, get to know the stories and feelings of parents whose babies were also born prematurely, and get answers to important questions for you.

Basic care for newborns in a crisis with limited resources

Educational materials from the Czech Center

Bonding. Early Skin-to-Skin Contact

Suction of Breast Milk

Kangaroo Care

Music Therapy

Open Doors of the intensive care unit

With a Baby in Intensive Care: What is Important to Know

On this website, you can get to know all the rights and nuances of access to intensive care:

The guide for visitors to children's intensive care units can be downloaded from the link below. (information is provided only in Ukrainian)

The impact of COVID-19 on motherhood and the health of newborns

Frequently asked questions about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit during the COVID-19 pandemic

Frequently asked questions about discharge and follow-up, development in times of COVID-19

Frequently asked questions about breastfeeding and donor milk during the COVID-19 pandemic

European standards of care for newborns

Care procedures

We are grateful to EFCNI, House of Europe, Moving forward together, Czech Centers and the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine for their assistance in implementing the project.
Topics covered by these standards include:
  • oral care,
  • changing diapers,
  • positioning support and comfort,
  • placement and use of feeding tubes,
  • body temperature management in newborns,
  • support during hygiene procedures, etc.

Parenteral nutrition

What is parenteral nutrition? When do babies need parenteral nutrition? You will find answers to these and other questions in our brochure.

We are grateful to EFCNI, Professor Berthold Koletzko for support and advice, and to the Baxter company for translating the brochure into Ukrainian.

Sleep recommendations

The European standards of health care for newborns — Sleep Recommendations — were translated on the initiative of the "Room of Complex Neuromonitoring with the Children's Sleep Laboratory of the Department of Intensive Care for Extremely Premature Babies of the OKHMATDYT National Specialized Children's Hospital", with the support of the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine.

Research on the impact of the pandemic on nursing premature babies on the example of the United Kingdom

This translation was made and organized as part of the "EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine" Project, implemented by "The Initiative Center to Support Social Action "Ednannia" with the financial support of the European Union.

Free healthcare services

Everyone's Rights: free healthcare services in Ukraine in terms of women's health

Your Pregnancy, Your Rights: about free healthcare services for pregnant women in Ukraine