Meeting with NHSU

During current week the meeting of the representatives of patients communities of Ivano-Frankivsk region with the head of NHSU National Healthcare Service of Ukraine Natalia Husak and director of  the Western Interregional Department of the NSHU Tetiana Kudyk was arranged in the city Ivano-Frankivsk. Our NGO representative Anna Leniv also attended the meeting.

The meeting was dedicated to the topic of protecting patients’ rights and the “Affordable Medicines” program.

During the meeting Mrs.Natalia shared the detail of supplying the medical institutions with consumables and medicines as well as public access to the information on the remainders of medicines.

Mrs.Natalia explained that support of the newborns in the framework of the medical guarantee packages “Complicated neonatal cases” stays among the priorities of NHSU services and is the most costly package that covers all consumables and medicines for newborn care.

On the link one may find the requirements for contracting the institutions which provide newborn care. In other words, this is what the institution which has the signed contract with NHSU should provide.

The list of all remaining balances of the medicines should be available for the patients in the institution on the information boards or on the website.

Also the head of the NHSU highlighted that the first instance to contact with the complaint should anything not work well should be the Head physician. It is him/her who is responsible for protecting patients’s rights acccording to the terms of the contract.

This is how the reform works and we are sincerely grateful to the whole team of NHSU National Healthcare Service of Ukraine for the transparency, productive dialogue, readiness to improve the healthcare system and provide support to every patient.