World Prematurity Day: small actions – big impact!

The global theme: “small actions – BIG IMPACT”

This year we have joined the worldwide theme “Small actions - BIG IMPACT: Immediate skin-to-skin care for every baby, everywhere”. This theme highlights the importance of Kangaroo Mother Care for prematurely born babies and their families.


The importance of Kangaroo Mother Care   

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a practice of continuous skin-to-skin contact and exclusive breastfeeding. For preterm born babies this method might be vitally important helping them adapt to the environment and decreasing the risk of various complications.


The benefits of KMC

The latest recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm that KMC can be initiated immediately after birth even if the newborn is not considered being clinically stable. This care method helps avoid the unnecessary separation between mother and the newborn baby, improving physiological and emotional outcomes for both.


  • Health benefits for the baby

The outcomes of the KMC include reduced mortality rates, lower risks of hypothermia, infections and sepsis. The baby also gets improved temperature management capabilities, weight-gain, improved motor and sensory development, more stable breath and heart rates as well as improved sleep and cognitive development.


  • Health benefits for parents


KMC is not only important for the baby but for its parents as well. This practice lowers the stress levels for parents, enhances their confidence and competence in taking care of their baby as well as reduces the risk of mental disorders such as depression.


World Prematurity Day reminds us of the importance of the KMC and its tremendous impact on health and happy childhood of preterm babies. Our sincere gratitude to EFCNI Glance - Global Alliance for Newborn Care, Align MNH, Healthy Newborn Network, The Implementation Toolkit for Small and Sick Newborn Care, PMNCH for their commitment and support of this important mission.


Let this day be the opportunity to support all babies being born preterm and their brave families.

World Prematurity Day 2023 — the day of unity for change. Kangaroo Mother Care is lifesaving practice!