The Kangaroo Method that saves tiny lives

It is important for every premature baby to be treated using the "Kangaroo Method". The best way to convey love is through the Kangaroo method, skin-to-skin mother-to-baby contact, to meet the premature baby's needs for warmth, breastfeeding, infection protection, safety and care.

The "Kangaroo" method is used all over the world. Moreover, the more research has been conducted, the more experts are inclined to believe that this method is extremely effective, and at the same time non-invasive, capable of saving tiny lives and improving the quality of health of each of the babies. We are collecting funds for the supply of specialized chairs for perinatal centers and hospitals where premature babies are cared for. The recipients of the aid will be 4 hospitals of Ukraine (3 hospitals in Chernivtsi and one in Odesa).

"Hurries", as premature babies are called, have breathing disorders, do not maintain body temperature well, have abnormal heart rhythms, have immature digestive systems and require constant care by medical personnel. Babies stay in the hospital for months, gaining weight, being treated and fighting for their right to life. Premature birth is the first cause of infant mortality among children under the age of 5, according to the WHO.

The process of "kangarooing" is a globally recognized method of parenting, it is extremely important, as well as the fact that parents should be with their children inseparably. Especially now, during the pandemic, this method has become even more important. "Kangarooing" should last for hours, and at the same time it is important to have a comfortable position, which is ensured by the presence of specialized chairs and stools in the departments. The "Kangaroo" method is an organic and natural continuation of the intrauterine maturation of the baby.

The baby is placed in a comfortable position on the mother's chest and the child hears familiar sounds: the heartbeat and breathing rhythms of the mother, the warmth, smell and taste of breast milk. This creates conditions for the further normal development of the child, minimizes the time of stay and treatment in hospitals, and facilitates the quick discharge of the child home.

The "Kangaroo" method is used not only with mom, dad can also "kangaroo" or other family members can join.

Parents should be with their children from the first minutes of life!